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Home equipment and essential kitchen utensils for women !!

Are you looking for a gift idea that remains visible on a daily basis for its beneficiaries? We have carefully selected original decorative gift items for your home. Unusual kitchen utensils. Browse our wide selection of accessories and other home gift items to offer to your friends or yourself to make your home a more enjoyable, more personalized, and more original and trendy place.


From cooking utensils to groceries, food packaging, knives, mussels, etc. Boutique Maman offers you a choice! We select for you the products of the best brands tested and approved by professionals, while ensuring to adapt to all budgets! Be sure to find the product that best suits your needs on Boutique Maman, whether cooking is your job or your passion.

Decorative vase in the shape of a heart

Make a beautiful statement with these heart-shaped vases, elaborated by lotus designs. Pretty design, this vase can hold 2-3 stems and will look gorgeous on a romantic table on Valentine’s Day.

Magic Sushi Rolling Machine

Magique RouleuThe heart of the apprentice (s) cooks (s) will be excited because with this sushi rollers the preparation of irresistible little fish treats has never been easier. Make great sushi with this kitchen accessory that you can not do as well with a knife!

Manual vegetable grater

Are you looking to facilitate the work of grating vegetables or fruits? We found the solution! Whether you’re trying to grate or cut vegetables, fruit or even nuts, this incredible tool will do the trick.

Mini portable iron

Fed up of endless ironing sessions? heavy irons, long to heat and that damage your clothes? Goodbye the traditional ironing board! With this portable iron, you can iron your creased clothes in seconds, without effort!

Practical mini jar opener

This jar opener facilitates the opening of the toughest jars. It is adjustable to fit most jars.It is sufficient to insert it on the lid of the jar and turn the handle to open it. It’s fast and easy!

Love Sequin Pillowcase

Would you like to find a trendy item for your home? Offer a gift of love on Valentine’s Day but you are lacking inspiration? This cover is undoubtedly the solution to your problem. A great Valentine’s Day gift

Rotating purse hanger

This hanger bag holder will allow you to store your bags in your dressing room. Practical, it hangs in any wardrobe and allows you to store your bags without tangling while gaining space.

Aluminum foil splash-proof

Splash-proof, splash-proof aluminum foil will help protect your kitchen area or awning from grease splashes when cooking your food, keeping your kitchen clean.

Cerise toilet brush

If there is one piece that should not be forgotten in the quest for customization of your home, it is the toilet. Forced to visit it daily, better that it reflects a minimum your mood and style of decoration, you do not believe?

Tableware Gloves With Pimples

It offers you many possibilities of use: vegetables to rid carrots and potatoes of earth residues, dishes to rid the pans of burnt foods without damaging the non-stick coating or even Manique / sous-plat thanks to its resistance to the heat.

Multi-tasking vegetable cut 6 in 1

This Multifunctional Vegetable Cutting 6 in 1 is very simple to use, just choose the cone adapted to the cravings, to place the vegetables and a simple movement of the principal to begin the fine and clever cutting.

Professional Knife Sharpener

Your kitchen knives have lost their edge? Do you plan to throw them away and invest in new knives? Well, mom’s shop offers you savings!

Mini stainless steel fries basket

This frying basket will allow you to fry your fries, donuts, nuggets … but it is especially adapted to the presentation of your fries bistro way. It is better to separate the 2 actions to not grease your table. Many French restaurants have already adopted it!

Vacuum cleaner tip

This powerful accessory fits and connects to any standard vacuum cleaner thanks to its universal adapter. What makes it ingenious is that it is composed of 36 flexible micro suction cups that allow you to dust off objects without have to move them.

Wireless Makeup Mirror Lamp

Powerful and wireless studio lamps that turn any mirror into a professional makeup mirror! The secret lies in the quadruple light technology that gives you the most natural lighting for a perfect makeup application in any room.

Extensible shelf for cabinet & amp; cupboard

This shelf is ideal for optimizing the storage space of your kitchen, wardrobe or bathroom. Saves space and is easy to use, with a waterproof anti-slip plate, for storing small items. You can use them to hang clothes, scarves or belts.

Rotary cleaning kit

This three-piece electric scrub brush kit is designed for use with most cordless drills and drivers perfect for upholstered furniture (sofas, chairs), carpets, seating and leather furniture.

Microfiber utra absorbing broom

Keep your hands clean and clear of dirty water with the Titan Twist Mop. Use its super absorbent chamois head to suck up dirt and water as you mop.

Broom 360 rotation rechargeable

Cleaning is often long and tiring. Constantly solicited by our incessant comings and goings, the surfaces of our interior tend to get dirty quickly, and the traces are sometimes difficult to remove.

Multi-use overflow cover

With the anti-overflow cover, avoid all overflows during the cooking of your rice, pasta, broths or vegetables Just cover your pan to avoid overflowing to keep your cooktop clean.

Roll-up dish drainer

To save space in your small kitchen, simply unroll this steel drainer and put it on the sink. It holds well and the dishes flow directly into the sink.

Pizza baking tray

These perforated stainless steel plates ensure an immediate distribution of the heat of your oven to the dough – unlike the solid plates. Your filling is no longer the pangs of cooking too long, pizzaïolos have to be well!

Automatic whisk in stainless steel

This whisk can mix, lather and whip in a few seconds with minimal effort and do the job much faster than the ordinary whip without using electricity or battery.

Reusable and adjustable lids (4 pieces)

Perfect for keeping leftovers longer, they stretch to fit all shapes and sizes of bowls, cups, mugs, and other containers, whether round, square or rectangular. No more throwing away containers that have lost their lids!

Drawer Organizer (4 pieces)

Compartments to restore order in your drawers.It mounts and disassembles in the blink of an eye! Easily adjustable, they adapt to the dimensions of your drawers because they are cutable.

Super drain plug

This Ultimate drain plug is made from a soft silicone rubber material, creating a suction when placed in the drain.

vacuum pump with 5 food bags

It is a simple and fast preservation method that keeps all the properties of the food. You can keep meat, vegetables, dried fruits, legumes and much more!

Soap-shaped soap dispenser

How to wake up in a good mood every morning? Simply by using his nose-shaped shower gel dispenser! Just tap on the nose, and your soap will run down your nostrils. Very fun for the kids!

Professional garlic mill

This garlic cutter will allow you to cut garlic into small cubes, without crushing it. All the taste qualities of garlic are thus preserved.It cuts the cloves of garlic completely effortlessly and very quickly.

Fruit peel & amp; electric vegetables

At the push of a button, this clever tool instantly peels potatoes, fruits and vegetables. Simply poke the food on the cradle and press the red button to activate the device.