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The best gifts for children and teens edition 2019 !!!

A beautiful event of life is not without a gift birth, baptism or birthday! Enjoy both children and parents! The little one is born, quickly, complete the birth list with original articles! Crown these unforgettable and unique moments with personalized gifts that will make both parents and children happy!

Boutique Maman is here to advise you and help you in your choice. Mom and Dad will be delighted to see you thinking of them with incredibly original and loving ideas. Gifts that come from the heart, it’s good on our online store.

We have selected just for you the best timeless gifts that will please children and teens.

Panda plush with scarf

Plush panda of 23 cm of a great softness, to tell or to tell stories. This panda plush is very realistic and of a great softness, like all the stuffed toys of Boutique Maman

Dog toy Sharpei 20 cm

Adorable little mastiff with recognizable meat, Shar pei is more and more invited in French homes. Sweet, happy, affectionate, sociable, this very friendly dog ​​does not lack assets!

Micky Plush & amp; Minie

These soft toys of better quality will make the happiness of the toddlers. Like the famous and historic characters of Walt Disney, they are simply adorable!

Spiderman 3D LED Lamp


This 3D illusion optical lamp, it will illuminate your room with its 7 different colors that you can change manually.It is a lamp designed in acrylic with only 5 mm thick, it gives a wonderful light rendering in 3D without there have object in 3D.

Spider support for tablet and smartphone

After a certain time spent in a bad position, the first pains of posture occur. (Cramps, tingling, tingling …) Enjoy a unique experience and incomparable comfort with this support!

Luminous Plush Unicorn

The luminous unicorn plush has the soft and silky texture of a plush that just begs to be tight in your arms. Thanks to LEDs changing color, it is both a soft toy and a bedside lamp.

Flamingo LED lamp

Add style and a warm atmosphere to your bedroom or living room with this bright pink flamingo. The flamingo is not plugged into an outlet and works with a battery. It can be moved from one place to another without worry.

Luminous Unicorn Plush

This Unicorn simply needs three things: lots of love, 3 AA batteries and a nice little place in the living room or bedroom This stuffed animal is the friend a girl has always dreamed of having. She will accompany him everywhere and will keep her in company if the parents are absent.

Led 3D Nightlight

Incredible, use only a 2D acrylic piece to create a 3D stereoscopic visual pattern and attractive lighting effects, looks lively and full of personality, good lighting effect and full of creativity.

Miniature Birthday Cake (38pcs)

Here is the necessary so that your child can prepare a beautiful cake and receive his guests to blow candles and enjoy. With this edutainment game, your children have fun with their friends, imagine being a great pastry chef at a party birthday.

Cute stuffed dolphin

A huge stuffed dolphin to please a child. As a playmate and decorative object, it is really a wonderful gift idea. Splendid plush dolphin large size, it will seduce you with its quality of manufacture very neat.

Beautiful stuffed giraffe

The stuffed giraffe will be the faithful companion of a child. Among rare animals, the giraffe is an animal that is found only in Africaines.She will allow a child to discover the main characteristics of this mammal.

Spitting robot dinosaur

If there is one thing children love, it’s the dragons. Many children build an impressive collection of toys. And when it comes to the dragon, he has a whole world to discover.

Plush Shiba Inu with scarf

Are you looking for the perfect gift for yourself or for children or decoration? Get the Shiba Inu Plush with tie. This Shiba Inu plush is adorned with an elegant scarf that gives it an adorable winter look.

Luminous unicorn scarf cape

Transform yourself into a unicorn and set off to enchant the world With this unicorn hat with gloves, dive into a fairy tale. Unusual, cute and soft as a plush, this hood is adorned with a horn and a rainbow unicorn mane.

Big stuffed teddy bear with bow

Here is a super big brown teddy bear, with silky hair, expressive eyes and soft fur, what better soft toy can we dream for his child! Light and very handy, the teddy bear is a classic of the world of childhood.

Led Lamp and Rechargeable Rabbit Nightlight

This design lamp represents a famous rabbit, a character much loved by children. Even when we do not know him, his little rabbit mussels make us crack. Rabbit-shaped LED lamp can be used as night light, bedside lamp or of table lamp.

Cute stuffed horse 70 cm

This horse, lying on his stomach, is soft and fluffy. Children can ride it, adults use it as a cushion in the sofa.The soft cotton horse soft toy can help the child fall asleep.It is the ideal companion for all children.

Plush Musical Night Light

Nightlight projecting a true starry sky to create a real cocoon for your child. He will fall asleep peacefully with his head in the stars. LED lighting, high definition for incomparable accuracy!

Love Sequin Pillowcase

Would you like to find a trendy item for your home? Offer a gift of love on Valentine’s Day but you are lacking inspiration? This cover is undoubtedly the solution to your problem. A great Valentine’s Day gift

Teddy bear with scarf and heart

For those who do not know it, the stuffed toy is a toy that can take various forms. Also called Teddy bear, this little wonder is at Boutique Maman. When you want to give a gift to a person you love, taking him a giant stuffed toy would be a great idea.

Remote control robot car

The remote-controlled robot transformation car offers many different possibilities because it can be used as a car as well as a robot! Whether indoor or outdoor, this toy is very practical and allows your child to develop fine motor skills and concentration.

Remote controlled gravity climbing car

The car races, especially with remote-controlled cars, are always a good idea. This remote controlled car that rolls on the ceiling will please children

Teddy Giant Teddy

This teddy bear, also called teddy bear by children, or doggie in Quebec, is a bear toy. This is a traditional form of plush, padded with cotton.

Nightlights Kawaii Panda, Rabbit & amp; Dog

Night lights animals super cute! To honor the pandas, dogs or rabbits, go for those lamps for the room so cute! At night, once the story is told, he apprehends the inevitable moment when you turn off the light.

Elephant who sings

This singing elephant will be your baby’s new friend! It’s funny, educational and interactive. Your child will love this great musical elephant but it will also allow him to develop his social, cognitive and linguistic skills.