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The most appreciated gifts of moms and future moms. It’s nice !!

The time of pregnancy is not always a pleasure for a woman, expectant mothers often need support and it’s a great time for them make a little surprise! Find a selection of gifts for future mothers: beauty and body care gifts, objects decorations for a home where you feel good and in which the baby is expected to arrive.And why not offer to the future mother jewelry like bracelets or necklaces? There is a wide choice of products suitable for a pregnancy, enjoy!

Baby sling , special pregnancy beauty products, books … discover our selection to offer to a baby shower! The arrival of a child is a shocking event for parents! And no doubt the baby will be spoiled with various gifts and varied before he even tip the tip of his little nose. But mom, too, deserves gifts!

We decided to present a selection and small gifts to offer to a future mother or a young mother. All these gifts are available from Boutique Maman , to learn more about your favorite, just click on the image.

Size extension for pregnant women

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There is no reason why you should not wear your pants, jeans and skirts before your pregnancy !! This kit is an easy and economical way to turn jeans, pants, skirts, shorts into pregnancy clothing.

3 in 1 Breastfeeding Scarf

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The breastfeeding blanket is equipped with a rigid frame that allows you to hide in public while keeping eye contact with your baby . Care Nursing Apron is made of 100% natural soft cotton that is breathable and lightweight to allow a good air floor to your baby, and is gentle on your child’s skin.

Pretty lace pregnancy dress

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Maternity is a precious time for all families, so it’s best to choose this dress to make beautiful pictures of memory. Fashionable maternity dress in polyester and lace to show off your adorable baby lump.

Support for pregnant women

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Pregnant women often have back pain because of the baby’s weight and the skin when it is not maintained and protected during this period, it tends to relax, develop more stretch marks and become flaccid. The Woven Pregnant and Polyester Material Holder is thin in thickness so that it is invisible to avoid presenting genes.

Common jacket for baby and mom

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This hooded jacket, designed specifically for autumn and winter, allows you to wear the baby easily and to go to school. your occupations without any problem and be stylish if you carry the baby carrier underneath.

Super foldable baby bed

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This small bed (model couffin) is equipped with a mosquito net that effectively protects the baby. It is foldable and easily carried in its plastic case. Ideal for traveling, or those who live in a small apartment. The baby will be safe and comfortable on his mattress.

Gentleman baby bib

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This cute little bib is the perfect gift to teach your toddler good manners from a young age.Your child will make a good impression at your social dinners with the baby bib gentlemen. The rest will be done naturally!

Pregnant Women’s Cushion

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Pregnant women’s seat cushion is designed to allow the woman to sit comfortably between the two arms. Essentially cotton, it helps to avoid if not to mitigate the pains related to the pregnancy. It allows you to rest in all postures by supporting the neck, belly and even the head.

Children’s Bath Blossom

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No more multiple purchases of plastic tubs, bath loungers and other often cumbersome baby bath items! A better alternative to baby baths. This baby bath flower soft as a soft is placed in the basin of your sink or sink and fits the shape to allow you to wash the baby at the height of man.

Pregnancy briefs with prints

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To support your stomach and back and put your buttocks in value, without feeling tight throughout pregnancy, get these panties. Its supple and soft material guarantees absolute comfort and makes your pregnant women’s pants very comfortable

Baby foot necklace with heart

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To celebrate the arrival of a new child, give the mother a baby foot necklace inlaid with crystals. This is the best gift you can give him to properly celebrate the newborn.

Pregnancy Support Belt

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With the growing baby and rounded belly come many ailments, including lumbar pain and the impression of heaviness characteristic pregnancy purposes. When bolsters, stretches and cushions between the knees are not enough, it may be time to get a pregnancy belt The pregnancy belt is a belt more or less rigid, specifically designed for the pregnant woman –

Pregnant woman size extension

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There is no reason why you should not wear your pants, jeans and skirts before your pregnancy This kit is a easy and economical way to transform jeans, pants, skirts, shorts into pregnancy clothing. Discreet, very comfortable, and elastic our Jeans and Pants Expander will fit your belly perfectly at every stage of your pregnancy.

Baby Winter Sleeping

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Made primarily of acrylic fibers, this coating protects the baby against the cold but can also be used as a sleeping bag.The quality of the wool provides enhanced protection. The materials have no impact on the skin and are environmentally friendly.

Pretty pearls earrings

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Women have ears to hear soft words but not that. There are also the earrings, they are like the little black dress of our dressing room: INDISPENSABLES !! The clear and colorful crystals are precisely cut, which is the hallmark of the brand. This jewelry can be perfectly combined with bracelets. You will be able to wear them for any occasion (wedding, baptism, girls’ outing …)

Newborn necklace

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Want to please a mom? Give him this beautiful newborn necklace to mark the coup.Ce jewel will be for the new mother a unique symbol in his life to remember forever this happy event.

Anti-Stretch Mark Care

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As you probably know when a woman is pregnant she can have skin that crackles. There are creams and care which makes it possible to maintain the skin during the pregnancy.Certes, it is not a very glamorous gift idea but, at least it will be very useful!

A changing bag

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It’s not because baby is still very warm in the belly of his mom that we should not think about equipping If there is one thing that we tend to neglect at the beginning it is the bag of change: it must be practical and big enough to contain many things.

Anti-roll cushion

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Difficulties to project your purchase cushion anti head flat? Getting your hands on the best price flat head cushion is your goal? You’re at the right address ! This anti-roll baby pillow keeps your baby comfortable at all times.

Adjustable breastfeeding pillow

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A nursing pillow designed for the comfort and relaxation of mom and baby! This cushion helps you maintain good posture during breastfeeding and prevents back and neck pain. Your arms and elbows lie flat relaxed, eliminating shoulder pain and creating the perfect positioning for mom and baby.

Bath Visor

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Your child grumbles too often during bath time because the soap stings his eyes? Put him the bath visor and his little fragile eyes will be protected.This bath visor will be very convenient to protect baby’s eyes from the water & amp; shampoo while bathing.

Baby bath cushion

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Your baby’s first bath can be difficult, but not with this baby bath pad. To make the bath a fun time for baby and his parents. Parents’ hands remain free to bathe the baby